Remove this burning cockroach from my roof
A silent airport and a drunken monkey escort me to my room
On my way to London
And his suit was filled with piss and funky funeral receipts
Hello wonder woman, you seem sad and pretty upbeat
Hot Indian storeowners climb my balls
Michigan, you rock my world
Call 911, ‘cuz this bar mitzvah is bringing sexy right to your doorstep
Diary, from a homoerotic graveyard shift
The man of engagement
Hold your horses and undo my dress, stranger!
Sailing on the high wave of diaper dip
Pull over and show me what you are hiding there, Eisenhower!
You are all talk, but no walk, filthy radio!
My juicy depression/Singapore, what’s up with the price on jeans these days?
Death row Christmas illuminating your one night stand!
The Running Radar Ron
For the love of God, there’s no goddamn love!
When a hammer cries, a pharmacist dies
Make a copy of a copycat’s copy
2 times Academy Award winner … applause
The formalities of being locked up with ammunition in your pants
As manly doves serve skeleton piss on a ferry
JFK, RTL and Ctrl+Alt+Del are all a delicate, stupid mountain goat
Goofy is a tempestuous speed bayonet
One trillion wrongly diagnosed handkerchiefs
The lighter side of Josef Fritzl’s cousin
The mixed signals of Tom Hanks’ children
As the new year begins, the tickling in my penis intensifies
Starring down the paper filled hall of a distinct male asshole
Turn the turntable around the turning table
My spaghetti house is unlocked, you beautiful downtown thief!
Fingerprints on a well-trained male shaft
Bison Footwear is Illegal in a Moon Court
I, the divorced cable gown
A handjob beats a dayjob
Clouds of doom and the little crocodile thigh
The epiphany of this Candlemas engulfs my overbearing cellar deodorant
A tent should be bent and sent before lent
Wretched/miserable silver
I observe frost
The unforgiveable attractive corpse of Michael J. Fox Jackson
Det kan sgu da ikke koste 25 kr. for et foster med chokoladedrys?
En nummer 5 med det hele, dog uden nogen form for topping
German tourist watchtower diaper
Dogmatic monochrome bybus
If I press hard enough, will my flower diaper turn into a shady homepage of the dark web?
As my chequered diaper hat slowly runs out of money in a fast way
The Fog Thrower
Monastic midsummer/menstrual motocross
The Seven Days of GRI-BAR
When tears of the crow guided us toward hope of a hate horn
Dog days of putrefaction
One man’s Polish metal record/wheel of fortune is another man’s cum dumpster/autumnal equinox
Annus/anus horribilis
Dinosaur KOK
Delicate man purse … pose. Eller waffle pond
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 2
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 3
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 4
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 5
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 6
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 7
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 8
Ze remote gives off creepy tortilla vibes 9
Anemonesangen flænser mit nybagte batteri i 1000 teaterstykker
Lad blot den smukke herretrusse smelte i et militærangreb/en tørretumbler
Det er et relativt kort digt, men det er fint. Vi mangler bare en titel
Æbleflæsk og medispøs
Hahahahahahaha hvor er det godt:)!!!!!!!
Goddag, og velkommen til Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
Indendørsforandring, det kender alle jo, det begreb
Ingen idé. La kinder goat horn bil?
Kongestøv i klementinkanalerne
Shrovetide, shrovetide, shrovetide
I enhver revne, dér et stinkende spyd har været