Monastic midsummer/menstrual motocross

D|o|G, 2019 | I det 18. århundrede før Kristi fødsel udviklede folk i det vestlige Levanten et alfabet, måske med baggrund i de ægyptiske hieroglyffer. Det nye alfabet, der nu kaldes proto-sinaitisk eller proto-semitisk skrift, blev siden baggrund for det fønikiske alfabet, der igen leverede materiale til udviklingen af det græske alfabet, som senere (i sin vestlige form) blev inspiration for det latinske alfabet – vores alfabet. Med dyb historisk og forhistorisk inspiration herfra præsenterer D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – her sit digt nr. 50, der i lighed med digterens øvrige frembringelser vil blive stående igennem kommende århundreder og årtusinder.

Monastic midsummer/menstrual motocross

An adventure of cow-compressed earrings turned my birthplace into Hoboken, New Jersey/The biologically challenged entrance of a broken asshole on a grilled hedgehog.

Be still, while moving everything in and/or around in an erotic mess/in a very structured and calm way by the fisting clenched penis hand of ratio paint.

Care we not about Canada’s last chance to have an independent Independence Day DVD collection? We dove into a dove and then tried to care, but ended up with a lot of sweaty lips among colourful benzene male lingerie.

Drink a sip of ships before this confused life and enter the ship and ask the captain why you get aroused by fingering yourself violently, while driving very fast and baffled in a sponsored Samsung burial chamber.

Eel supervisor will supervise a flock of folks who look back at the mighty Eel in a stationary boring kind of high-way.

Give way to the quake of doom in the summer of Wolfenstein ID software Hummer.

Hills look to the thigh of mayonnaise language.

I’ll look the same/the other way.

Jill looks at the hills and at me.

Kim now looks at us all.

Louise is a fat monster energy drink.

Me daddy has a chisel where ‘is penis/heart should be/has never been.


Nile, the, runs deep inside the spine of an unemployed shoe lace and I wanna be a salesman in a world of diaper-wearing forks.

On the tip of the tongue lie the pills of raven piss, ready to fly far beyond the jealous cake wonderchild.

Peek into a black hole/around a black erected flag and decide if a mosaic hawk tennis rack should be destroyed in the futureless past.

Quote of the day is as follows: The multi-coloured semen of the sophisticated inmate will forever not be a useable quote.

Rise to the challenge of a challenge not worth rising for, unless you like a challenge resembling a challenging challange.

Sell your best friends to a roasted naked Burger King floor manager.

Time the time it takes to do the above.

Under the disguise of a keyboard firefly.

Vile deer sunglasses flow through the organisation/orginasation of charter cruise poo.

Where does this ongoing story end?

Xenotransplantation is only tasty when covered in Kim’s dill dip.

Yearbooks of double-crossing 7-Eleven lighters tighten the rope of misguided electro ultra-scanning dance music.

Zippers will forever rule the carefree downfall of Hawaii shorts on commercial kiwi parents.