Dog days of putrefaction

D|o|G, 2019 | Homer beskrev i Iliaden, hvordan Hundestjernen, Sirius, var “et ondt varsel, som påfører en allerede lidende menneskehed uudholdelig smerte”. Efter Iliaden og Odyséen kommer nu D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – med et nyt digt, der tager tråden op fra den græske digterkollega og udmaler hundedagenes lumre forrådnelse og menneskenes veer derover.

Dog days of putrefaction

Table of contents…

In coalition/collision with the lord of bombastic reasoning…

Sour milk

Rotten meat

Vicious dogs

Sultry heat

Thunderstorms and lethargy

Fever and hysteria

Depressive putrefaction.

All that and much more that is what happens on a bench in King’s garden. Kh Bamses bamse: Flemming Bamse Bamsesen.

I smell and eat/ode and stroke the order of thunderous ghoul Transylvania business in a cockroach cock house of unsettling diaper garniture.

You see the one I became standing broken and beaten before an illusional lively lover diaper tippy area/my skipperlabskovs mind.

I compile dust of racy motorbike, raven urine to satisfy a large hall of skeletal, robotic seahorses.

Under the guidance of a malice ant app I hang my shiny carnival boots inside the mouth of a tolerable bazooka explosion.

It mysteriously/purposefully laughs at me to which I hummingly reply: “Der skal fandme 2 til tango, ik’ååå!!!”

In Horsens is where my eggs/wives/WIFI lay and operate on my underground penis-head all night and day and mostly rarely at all.

And in Bilka is where I hand in my Superbrugsen resumé in order to get a buffalo blow in a nearby high tech Netto store from an outlaw Netto employee.