As my chequered diaper hat slowly runs out of money in a fast way

D|o|G, 2019 | Den tyske teolog Friedrich Schleiermacher brugte et begreb om “divinatorisk metode” inden for hermeneutikken (læren om forståelse), dvs. at man “forvandler sig” til den anden for intuitivt at forstå, hvad vedkommende vil sige. Samme radikale trang til forståelse finder man i det seneste digt fra D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – der kompromisløst søger indsigten i det andet menneske.

As my chequered diaper hat slowly runs out of money in a fast way

My roof stares at the camera installed in my third eye on the hill of a mouse inside a whale of dusk-like HBO qualities, and I throw up in abstract fair-weather pride.

Since we have started this abomination/confirmation speech in front of a moving/SEDUCTIVE train, I must say that it is kinda hot in here, you feel me? I say feel me? It is feeling kind of hot in me here.

Zdebra, horse and goat are all very fine outdated frame cards, but what does that imply? Pheasant education of course, get a grip grip!

My belly insists on having a colossal bird sleeping next to me every night, and I think the end result will speak for itself, as the bird and I now have an on-and-off working/crime relationship inside a doggy salmon city.

Underneath the quiet breath of a car engine I handpick 1700 slugs to scatter my ashes over Barroso’s headquarters while I’m still alive.

As a comic comes to life while I’m coming around the thought of stopping by your house, I cum.

Roast your neighbour in a burnt-out burnout game on Xbox! KH en ritti lortesamtale.


Harry and Linda both occupy the bathroom on this long ride. Why? Because they lie slaughtered across the sink in a Donald Duck-like shadow-state of course, do I have to explain everything? KH en ældre og endnu mere umulig toiletkumme end tidligere.