The epiphany of this Candlemas engulfs my overbearing cellar deodorant

D|o|G, 2019 | I romanen Kongens Fald beskriver Johannes V. Jensen, hvordan den danske kong Christian 2. i 1523 forgæves forsøger at beslutte sig for, om han skal flygte fra sit smuldrende rige, eller om han skal fortsætte kampen om magten i en tid præget af opbrud og nybrud. Den vægelsindede konge bruger en hel nat på at sejle frem og tilbage over Lillebælt utallige gange, fordi han bliver ved med at skifte mening. Nu fremlægger D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – sit seneste digt, der uden tvivl vil indtage samme plads i litteraturhistorien som Jensens kanoniserede roman; og med samme gennemborende styrke beskriver D|o|G de menneskelige dilemmaer og eksistensvilkår i en ny opløsnings- og kamptid.

The epiphany of this Candlemas engulfs my overbearing cellar deodorant

My industrial motorbike crush fondles my complex undertow wedding gown to get respect from a newly drowned sarcophagus. I sneeze at the premise of non-erected penises in busy public court room and glance at the idea of mostly male-dominated swimsuit wear on philosophical prison-kept worms. My inner beauty is under heavy surveillance from a diaper-wearing train conductor whom I may or may not have met in a sweaty bathroom in upstate Hong Kong.

The panda of my dreams can only be compared to my torso-less wife of reality and to that I firmly say: Not on my watch! As the burger offspring climbs the wrong escalator, I laugh as I too am an underground porno magazine monster. I swing the tomato cane against the garden of elf candy and become happy because of my lack of a thorough shower in almost a year.

By the wayside, I see a cave-eye in the skull of a dentist lie, and therefore I abide to the permission of aggressive masturbation at seaside.

It dawned on me heavily the other day, that my only hope in life is to say what I say, to my lifelong slave, in such a mysterious way, that it forever keeps the cops at bay. Lonely winter hugs and kisses from Kirk Douglas.