Fingerprints on a well-trained male shaft

D|o|G, 2018 | Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel skrev i sin Religionsphilosophie, at kunstværket er en ydre genstand, der ikke opfatter sig selv og ikke er klar over sig selv; på samme måde er den form, som kunstneren har givet sit værk, kun en ydre form og ikke selvbevidsthedens absolutte form. Man må imidlertid spørge, om Hegels æstetiske teori ikke må falde kraftesløs til jorden i mødet med dette digt fra D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – hvor kunstværkets æstetiske form når en højde, der med megen ret kan betegnes som en selvbevidsthed i selve digtet, på samme tid immanent og transcendent. Og svaret på spørgsmålet er “jo”.

Fingerprints on a well-trained male shaft

I undergo chemical surgery every day on the premise that a werewolf will be in charge/will be charged with repainting my bloody man west for my upcoming lion date.

There are a lot of preconceived ideas about what a good old-fashioned manslaughter/wedding must include, like the usual: Hammer coat, Gun powder gel and a hell of a smile, but there are not enough nature whores in this tiny cell phone cell to clarify this particular claim.

Husker du dengang jeg var en lille kraftig hængebro, som hverken kunne regne eller stave?

Well I remember that so vividly, my dear friend, but it is not the time … and it will never be the time, until it is time. So there. What do you mean? Well I must say I’m all full but thanks a lot. I’ll let you when I’m home safe. Take care now, bye bye bye … I’m a fat rat poison desk!

The season is ready for your rusty, pathetic revolver body, but you laugh like grass eye truck! What’s wrong, Thailand?! Come on, cum on me, come on with the comma man!

Bus and cars, rope and scars.

Lime and juice, boyband and cruise.

Menstrual blood in a socket, give birth to my inner jungle prophet!

Dream a long and tiresome dream about a motorbike collision, and all your worries will most likely get a part time job in a lama bank.

That is it, and what I really mean by that is that, that is it!