If I press hard enough, will my flower diaper turn into a shady homepage of the dark web?

D|o|G, 2019 | Efter en knapt eksisterende pause er D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – tilbage i rette tid til pinsehøjtiden med et digt, der forener åndfuldhed og underfuldhed i en manifestation af poetisk overlegenhed. Vil det fremover være muligt at leve uden at forholde sig til digterens storværk? Sådan spørger mange læsere, og svaret er nej.

If I press hard enough, will my flower diaper turn into a shady homepage of the dark web?

Philippine sour cream and onion infants canoe into an ungodly shaped asshole, and every candidate in line claps and clapped and has clapped and will clap some until they all came … home.

Hello people, the D|o|G is back! The D|o|G has a back. The backpacking D|o|G is having a fun cereal to eat later.

The D|o|G confesses to hardcore crossdressing and disgusting food manners when around slutty redneck Whitsun ants. b

The sound of the cow goes muuuuhhhhhh

The sound of the cat goes miiiauuuwww

The sound of the D|o|G goes plop plop plop as the D|o|G shits infinitely on a loudmouth, sexy, underpaid Mongolian High School diploma aka seeks comfort in teenage movies on a rainy day.

A noteworthy loss of an N64 cartridge has led the entire third world into a state of demigod-like 1988 soccer mentality, and I could not cry more/be more aroused of something else and about some of it, but again mostly about this exact subject.

The holy day of Pentecost makes my bum look big in these girly superman panties, but it also makes my roommate look like a downtrodden downtown town.

Trinity, infinity or levity? Let us just all agree that it is a delicious feeling sticking that wonderful fork into the bleeding opening of the spring roll when resting/communicating through Bøllebob dreams in a handheld penis chamber.

That will be all for the foreseeing/foreseeable future unless you are blind in case all this makes a bit more sense than usual. Keep encouraging that upward going erection and stay foreign. KH hele Hammerslags underbetalte uderedaktion.