German tourist watchtower diaper

D|o|G, 2019 | De europæiske nationer med deres tusindårige historie og kultur befinder sig i et usikkert limbo imellem suveræn enegang, selvbestemmelse, samarbejde eller føderation. Usikkerheden breder sig over det gamle kontinent, men på tværs af al tvivl taler en digter, D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – med fornyet myndighed og klarsyn.

German tourist watchtower diaper

I can do the twist. I can use the entrails of a nasty duck student to build a second upstairs Croatian heroin bathtub. I can rub a Honda jacket and turn it into a foreboding anti tie tier. I am fairly decent at being a horrible decent fairy. I eat coughs of homegrown muddy strangers to the sound of sounds of layers of sounds of music, which doesn’t outclude/underclude the soundtrack to sound of music.

My cafe forehead is so kind to ask a new-born 67-year-old basketball player/console to go fuck itself/have a prosper and fruitful life.

I hum a terrible online karaoke version of a Holocaust-infected Maroon 5 song and get a standing ovation from a bodybuilder bratwurst. The ascension of my somewhat small cookie penis has made an enormous/insignificant impact on the general shady production and overall hostile environment of my slimy Colombian pill factory.

I roll a big fat hotdog breastplate out a crocodile yawn and now I own two unpaid hummer superheroes/a blank piece of paper/a 20 000-year-old brown tulip mirror. Take the next step into the dreams of your future with a massive life size wristwatch in your ass/mouth! Bye friend. Buy me a friend. Friend now bought and operated to death.

Det er altid god kunst. “Jeg kunne ikke finde på andet.” KH Picasso.