Starring down the paper filled hall of a distinct male asshole

D|o|G, 2018 | I 1813 skrev Lord Byron sit verdenskendte digt “She Walks in Beauty”, hvor digteren sammenligner en mørkhåret kvindes sublime skønhed med en klar, stjernedrysset nattehimmel. Mere end to århundreder senere går en anden verdenskunstner, D|o|G – Diaper of Glory, i Byrons fodspor med et nyt digt, hvis æstetiske perfektion overgår selv højromantikeren Byrons mesterværker. Med rette kan man sige det samme om D|o|Gs nye digt, som Byron skrev om den smukke kvinde: Hvis blot en enkelt detalje havde været anderledes, ville det nærmest have ødelagt det hele.

Starring down the paper filled hall of a distinct male asshole

A shy football syringe debunks the mystery of poisonous orangutan piss hats in a soothing and erotically comfortable plane crash.

So, is that a lesson learned for society? Well yes, Leslie, I can safely confirm that it is sadly not.

As the saying goes: A tank is worth more than a thousand pistols pointed at your children, unless we are sure that those pistols are loaded and ready to fire and ready to leave a gigantic mess in my pants!

Well, I think we find ourselves in a kind of: “I think you are pretty, no you hang up first, death, terror and public suicide is heart-warming”-situation again, don’t we :-) ?

It’s the same old story that has never been told before to anyone, so that really makes it dated and ancient as hell, guys and self-hating buffet girls!

So, what is there left for us to do in this plasma stained bobsleigh quiz? Tell me! Teeeellll Meeee! Meee Teeeelll!! Meeetttaaalll!!!

Oh I’m, as always, so sorry, ticket master at the big event, I didn’t see that you are a shiny golden ring wrapped around my penis.

I collect art, if collecting art means getting in trouble at the local gun shop/porn set/in my parents’ basement/in my own basement when I’m insanely bruised, naked and crying into the cellar floor kind of deal!

I will not climb that statue, mom! No, I will not dad! D.A.D.! Mothers listen to D.A.D. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is one unifying, bloated, wig wearing whale dad mom son.

I’m so glad we got all that sorted out during my excitingly brutal and bloody execution last year.

Wait for me as I tilt my faecal matter before the charming and broken skull of my recently murdered wife a.k.a. Pernille, Persillevej 43, 3400 Jordbærby 5 ST ST ST.