Sailing on the high wave of diaper dip

D|o|G, 2007 | Aftenens stille salighed, selv for et jordisk og dermed syndigt menneske, var et emne, der (blandt andre) optog én af vore største salmedigtere, Thomas Kingo, hvilket ses i hans mangfoldige aftensalmer, herunder Den klare sol går ned. Det samme tema tages op af D|o|G i dette eminente digt, der ser nærmere på en plaget sjæls overvejelser ved overgangen til nattens mørke; den angiveligt postmoderne verdens dæmoner drives bort, og der bedes om nåde; stor poesi er som altid såvel mål som middel i digterens virke.

Sailing on the high wave of diaper dip

Deaf hunter cries in trucker bathroom full of juicy criminal dust.
Like a mosquito on trial, his disco wife drowns his hulk-like lust.
Do you like me when I break into your house at night?
It’s way better than observing you with binoculars through a blurry sight.
I bathe in the park in the afternoon, while some watch and some scream.
But no matter how many fines I get, it’s still my forbidden fantasy dream.

Hip-hop and creamy fingers of an old man,
with a doubtful background, I adore.
And all the times I drank
my brother’s delicious – yet horrible – armpit sweat,
but hey, who keeps the score?

I travel to a land unknown only to find that my passport is at home
like my male bikini top.
And while I’m hooked on heroin(e) and sunshine,
what’s your name, foxy stud?
‘Cuz like the trees on hill and the hill in my pants
I only fancy girls by the name of XXX, van Gogh and Lance.

Drop a comment in my inbox and don’t call me in the near future,
‘Cuz I’m on holiday… Or in surgery…

This round is on me.