Bison Footwear is Illegal in a Moon Court

D|o|G, 2018 | I disse år er det, som om Europa befinder sig i en sløv, næsten søvngængeragtig tilstand, hvor kriser kommer og går, mens alle venter mere eller mindre apatiske på, at nogen eller noget skal dukke op. Denne stemning indfanges sublimt af D|o|G – Diaper of Glory – i dette digt. Men ligesom alle sande kunstnere formår digteren ikke blot at gå ind i og beskrive samtidens stemning, men også at hæve sig over den i et blændende lys af klarhed og udsyn.

Bison Footwear is Illegal in a Moon Court

A beautiful acid cloud conducts a violin play in which nobody is present except a gigantic condom walrus on holiday.

Tim trap trome, I only shit in the lovely city of Rome.

In the hour of need, you see a tiny island in the corner of your eye, but is water still not building material? No, it is as not.

Uuuhhhhhh huuuuuuu, I’m in so much pain/in an aircraft, that I laughingly set people on fire, while simultaneously transferring all their incoming hate mail to a nearby graveyard.

So, the big day is here. The one we have all been waiting for forever for. The day I admit that I’m a weeping Russian tank.

Hello and nice to see you again! Ohhh, we have never met before, you say? Well, then I must say that it is extremely ugly to see you and therefore very nice.

Could you please turn that music down, dad? I’m trying to milk my uncle’s best friend.

And keep in mind: Andrzej Lepper is my high school crush.